Choose a Different Length of Dress


Dress is one of the necessary item show female charm, especially after entering in the spring, and to dress blossom extraordinary splendor. Just, wear waist skirt fits you is closely related to the length of the skirt, so, what about how to choose suits own skirt length。Choose a spandex prom dress you can not image how beautiful you are.

Models on the catwalk even has an enviable tsundere body type, but if the improper selection of skirt length or there will be a size proportion is not beautiful, model does, what’s more, we ordinary people?

First of all, let’s take a look at the knee skirt length change of effect, it is not hard to find, the shorter the skirt length, the longer the legs look, the overall proportion also looks more comfortable.

Spandex Prom Dress

In knee-length skirts, is seven and ankle long skirt or dress more tall, thin, long legs.It’s easy to feel from the picture, nine points than seven points and to dress show long legs, and had 5 cm length of dress looks more stubby legs.

How do you know what length of skirt suits you?Take a piece of sheet according to the mirror, from above or from down to up observes, it is not difficult to find the most suitable for your long skirt.


How to Choose Right Bra

How to wear a correct bra when you wear a prom dress?

You should wear a strapless bra, your prom dress is strapless or spaghetti straps dress. By the way, it is possible, wear a boning cup bra. It is can help you to support your breast. Also, you can learn from the stars on the red  carpet use double-sided adhesive tape to help keep your bra and your dress in place.

If your dress is halter neckline, then you should wear a halter bra. It is very common, easy and comfortable to wear.

The most difficult thing is wear a backless prom dress what kind of bra should to wear?

backless bra

If your dress has a low back, maybe all you need is a bra back converter. These handy things pull the back of your bra down so it’s not visible, but you still get the cup support and breast lift in front.



Vintage High Low Prom Dresses

High low hem prom dresses are very popular in 2015. Will it still popular in 2016? The answer is “Maybe”, but I do not think we should purchase every latest fashion. We suggest “The suit is the best”. So wear the suit dress is very important. Do you have a pair of beautiful legs? Do you want your dress is unique and beautiful? If you do, they try on a beautiful high low hem dress.

Vintage High low Prom Dresses

Today, we introduce 4 styles of vintage high-low prom dresses. These dresses are almost full length. Strapless neckline with ruched body. Soft chiffon material. They are flowing.